How to Transform your Outdoor Space

Summer is typically the best time to renovate or to see out a patio project. During this time, there is contractor availability, less chance of rain or snow impeding progress, and more time to enjoy your outdoor additions. Patio innovations too late into the year won’t allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor since winter will be around the corner. Here are some patio ideas to transform your outdoor space.

Renovating wooden patio furniture

Start by removing the old finish that is still attached to the patio furniture. You’ll notice that after several winters, the old finish has eroded. To apply a new coat, the old one will have to be removed with a high-pressure hose. After the majority of the old finish is removed, apply the new finish. While some homeowners prefer to use traditional paintbrushes for details, foam brushes are an excellent alternative. The benefit of foam brushes over a paintbrush is that you’ll be able to achieve a softer, more even texture. Allow the new finish to dry. Many homeowners who are eager to renovate their patio mistakenly move their patio furniture before the finish is completely dry. This often leads to staining or debris sticking onto the finish. Follow the directions on the package, and add 6 hours to ensure that it is thoroughly dry.

Using plants to decorate your patio

Before you use plants, make sure that you have some sort of plan or an overall theme. There is a myriad of plants that you can use to spruce up your patio and improve its curb appeal. One of the more obvious ways of decorating with plants is using potted features that hang at the edges of adjacent walls surrounding the patio. You can take it a step further by using a spare log or trunk as a seating area or a centerpiece in your patio space. If you have the space, you can also install a Lotus pool or even plant a tree in an open courtyard.

The best decorative plants include flowers of different types, plants with unique textures to add to the patio’s aesthetic, and even a terrarium to score a bit of intrigue for those who visit. Don’t forget to add a pot or two of lavender to help discourage mosquitoes.

Using patio lights

Patio lights can transform any outdoor space, imparting an almost ethereal feel to it. Depending on its application, it can be entertaining or even be relaxing. Hang patio lights across the deck, on shrubbery, or hanging against deck railings. You can also play up with colors and the amount of brightness that the light bulbs emit. Clear bulbs are versatile and a classic, while opaque lights boast a bright, painted-on bulb that is perfect for entertainment purposes. Pearl finish lights are soft, romantic, and impart a diffused glow.

Fixing up your patio to improve its appearance and feel is a great way to make it more valuable. You canfind more ideas here

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- June 30, 2018

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